Steps to Setup

  1. Download and Register
    1. Download "Xoyalty" App from or from App Store or Play Store
    2. Register as a USER using your “Nickname” and “Mobile Number”
    3. Verify your Mobile Number with the “Code” received as a text message
  2. Setup Your Business
    1. Click on MORE à ADD BUSINESS then click on ADD NEW BUSINESS option
    2. You can get an additional free credit of $5 when you use the Promo Code: ______ (Email us on for Promo Code)
  3. Setup Discount or Loyalty Points
    1. Click on MORE à MANAGE OFFERS à UPDATE CURRENT OFFER and set 4 levels of Discounts or Loyalty Points. You can keep the same discount or loyalty points for all 4 levels or different. (Email us if you need help with deciding the offers what would work best for your business)
  4. Update Business Information
    1. Click on MORE à MANAGE PROFILE to Update your Business Information
    2. Click on MORE à MANAGE PHOTOS to Update photos for your Business to display in Photo Gallery
    3. That’s it…!!!
  5. Next Steps:
    1. Your clients will be able to SEARCH for “Your Business Name” on their Xoyalty App and Generate a Coupon
    2. When your client provides you the coupon number, redeem this coupon from the REDEEM tab by entering the “Coupon Number” and the “Sale Amount”.
    3. When you Redeem the coupon, it will notify your potential clients about “Your Business” to everyone in your clients' network without disclosing their private information
  6. What else:
    1. If you have multiple Business Owner or Employees, you can share authority with them using MORE à MANAGE AUTHORITY TAB
    2. Generate Web Access Code from MORE à WEB ACCESS and then login from a computer on using your “Mobile Number” and the generated “Access code” to view Business Analytics and Reports
  7. Need Further Help:
    1. Email us on or if you have any questions or face any problem at any step