Xoyalty is an online tool to spread word of mouth for your business.

Xoyalty is a result of our years of experience serving small businesses and understanding the problems they face in getting and retaining clients.

We have seen many business strugling particularly in the initial years when they face the problem of low funds, slow growth in revenue and fewer clients. They often have to resort to expensive marketing or invest a lot of time and effort towards sales and customer service, both of which have a major negative effect on the business. The common thing among almost all of the channels they were using for getting new clients was that they had to pay first and then hope that clients come in. wheather it was on flyer distribution, print advertisement or search engine optimization or pay per click adds, they first paid an amount to communicate their product or service to the potential clients and then hope that the client would come in. It did work with a success rate of 2% to 5% but the effect would die soon and the same process had to be repeated again and again. More..

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